Pulpit Announcement April 5th, 2020

We are entering the holiest week of the year in a peculiar time. I wish you all a blessed and happy Holy Week! Please try to enter into the sacred celebrations as best you can.

Our Holy Week schedule is posted on our website and has been sent out via our parish email system and our social media. I’d like to highlight: Holy Thursday at 5:30 PM; the Good Friday Services at 3 PM; there is no Easter Vigil; Easter Sunday morning Mass is at 11 AM. All by live stream. Please join in!

For Easter Sunday, all families -as domestic churches – are asked to dress up for our live stream Mass and participate in the postures and responses of Mass. Make this Easter a real celebration of the Resurrection in your home!

In speaking about our parish email system, if you have not been receiving periodic emails from the parish, it means we either don’t have your email address or it’s outdated. Please email Joy or Jamie with your email addresses. Their contact info is on our website: gracewepray.org

I’d like to invite all the households of the parish to please send me or Bart Haines pictures of you participating in our live stream Masses. We’d like to post these on our social media as a way for the parish to see itself at prayer.

As an FYI: The right side of our parish building has been shut down. This is so we can reduce the temperature and staff hours in cleaning areas of the building that we’re not using. If you come to pray during our open hours and see the “caution” tape, that’s what’s happening. Again, these are fiscal moves in order to reduce our expenses.

Please consider using this time to grow and learn about our Faith. As a help, I remind everyone about FORMED. Information on how to register is available on our website. FORMED is free for all parishioners.