Faith Formation Development

After consulting various families of the parish, Father Kirby has come to realize how many have moved to Catholic schools or have begun homeschooling since the pandemic. This shift affects our Children’s Faith Formation program. This change has led Father Kirby to adjust and reduce our original plans.

For the coming year, we will only have one session of Children’s Faith Formation from 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM. We will have classes for 2nd grade through 12th grade. We will not be able to have a Kindergarten or First Grade class. For a child to be registered in the program, at least one parent must be signed up for the Adult Formation program (Bible Study) at the same time. It’s Father Kirby’s hope to expand the program through the next couple of years as the number of children increase in our parish. Registrations can be done through our Front Office or on the ad on our website. As a reminder, all children who are signed up must be from families who are registered at the parish. As a sign of our commitment to Christian formation, there is no fee for the program.