Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, S.T.D.



Natalie Jackson

Pastoral Associate

Deacon Robert “Doc”┬áDonofrio, MD


Tom Heath

Deacon Candidate

Brianna Pavlish

Director of Community Relations/Bulletin Editor

Ryan Kubic

Director of Buildings and Grounds

Bart Haines

Director of Social Ministry

John Paul Boehling

Director of Liturgical Planning and Children’s Faith Formation Coordinator

Monty Bennett

Director of Sacred Music/Principal Organist

Carola Baptiste

Parish Bookkeeper

Jamie Nolan

Parish Secretary

Jessica Pirrung

Safe Environment Coordinator/Payroll Services Coordinator

Jennifer Chapman

Offertory Count Coordinator

Marisa Clare

Assistant Bookkeeper

Bayleigh Pavlish

Liturgy Coordinator/Evangelization Assistant

Molly Andorfer

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Mary Ann Mervak

Coordinator of Homebound Care

Debbie Rusciolelli

Nursery Coordinator

Barbara Lengers

Asst. Nursery Coordinator

Tony Pasquarelli

Audio-Visual Technician

Billy J. Helms

Janitorial Coordinator




Parish Finance Council

Erik Lengers, Chair

Angie Latourneau
Toshie Montag
Erik Lengers
David Mancina
Carola Baptiste- Ex Officio
Natalie Jackson- Ex Officio

Parish Pastoral Council

In Process, Chair

Barbara Ternovan
George Bloeser
Jack Kelly
Mike Mader
David Vasquez
Jason Oakes
Natalie Jackson- Ex Officio
Brianna Pavlish- Ex Officio
Robert “Doc” Donofrio, MD- Ex Officio