Pastor's Staff

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD
Deacon “Doc” Donofrio, MD
Deacon Thomas Heath, CPA
Binh Davis
Deacon Candidate
Ryan Kubic, MBA, CNE
Lay Administrator
Monty Bennett
Director of Sacred Liturgy
Principal Organist
Wesley Dry
Director of Buildings and Grounds
Lisa Driggers
Executive Assistant
Safe Environment Coordinator
Sally Santimaw
Parish Bookkeeper
Sandy Petrizzo
Assistant Bookkeeper
Carole King, MA, OFS
Coordinator of Spiritual Formation
Mary Ann Mervak
Coordinator of Homebound Care
Suzanna Allen
Coordinator of Pastoral Care
Sarah Henkel
Professional Cantor
Tony Pasquarelli
Logistics Coordinator
Gabriel Wolfe
Campus Assistant
Jack Heath
Maintenance Assistant
Jesus Naredo
Weekend Maintenance Assistant