Pastor's Staff

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD
Deacon “Doc” Donofrio, MD
Tom Heath, CPA
Deacon Candidate
Justin Barraco
Deacon Candidate
Tim Clare, DC
Deacon Inquirer
Ryan Kubic
Director of Operations
Safe Env. Coor.
Johnny Rusciolelli
Operations Assistant
Anne Adams
Parish Secretary
Sally Santimaw
Parish Bookkeeper
Joy Maddox
Assistant Parish Bookkeeper
Brice Griffin
Facilitator of Children's Faith Formation
Carole King, MA, OFS
Pastor's Assistant
Bryan Scibelli
Video Editor
Monty Bennett
Choir Master/Organist
Mary Ann Mervak
Coordinator of Homebound Care
Sarah Henkel
Professional Cantor
BJ Helms
Janitorial Coordinator